UPI Žalec (Slovenia)

UPI – ljudska univerza Žalec (UPI Žalec) is a public, non-profit institution for education and training of adults in the Savinja Valley region. Founded in June 1975 by the Municipality of Žalec (at present, six communities are founders) it has seen a great development of its education programs, guidance and counselling services. Today UPI Žalec offers a diverse range of formal and non-formal education programs, provides quality guidance and counselling services and is involved in various projects. Its activities are: 
• Formal education programmes for adults 
• Non-formal education programmes: language courses, computer courses, general literacy courses, national vocational qualification trainings, courses on integration of immigrants, courses and workshops for health, personal growth, study circles etc. 
• Guidance and Counselling and other learning-supporting activities 
• Project Work. 

Contact: darja.luznik@upi.si